How To BE The Expert, Step 1

Are you feeling a bit intimidated by the idea that you must be THE expert? Don’t be. You already ARE an expert. The next step is to find out how to be SEEN as the expert in your specialty.

Why You Must Know How To Be Seen As The Go-To Expert

Think about it. Let’s say you wake up with acute chest pain one morning. Are you going to visit your family physician? Probably not.

First, you may want to go to an emergency room, of course, since speed can be of the essence. But your next step will be to find a good cardiologist. Especially if you find you have some clogged arteries.

Of course I hope this will never happen to you. It’s just an example.

I could also pick a car example. Let’s say you have a snazzy new BMW. Are you going to take it to your neighborhood mechanic, or your Euro Car Specialist – or even your BMW specialist if there’s one in town?

I think the answer is obvious.

And here’s the next question: Who do you think will charge more? The specialist of course. And yet, he (or she)’s the one you’re going to choose, right?

So you see, it pays to be the specialist. And that’s why YOU need to specialize too… and let people know about it.

And being a specialist means being the expert, which means you’ll be more appreciated – and you’ll make more money.

Sure, there may be fewer people looking for someone just like you. But you’re likely to turn more of them into clients – and they’ll be much more enjoyable to work with! Oh, and they’re happy to pay more too.

How DO You Become The Expert?

It helps to actually become the expert, AND become someone who is perceived as an expert by your potential clients.

The first step is that you need to narrow down where exactly your most valuable expertise lies. Make it something you enjoy.

So if there’s a part of your work that you dislike, don’t become known as a big expert in that stuff. Find something you LOVE and focus on becoming know for THAT.

And once you have decided on your specialty, adjust your image. Mostly, this will probably mean that you narrow down what you write about.

Make your website fit your (new) area of expertise. If you’re a financial advisor and you enjoy helping your clients with figuring out how to plan for a safe and comfortable retirement – focus on writing about those kinds of services on your website and elsewhere.

If instead you pride yourself of helping them make as much money as humanly possible in the stock market even if there’s some risk involved – focus on that. You could, for example, include a slogan like this:

This financial advisor is not for the faint of heart!

Your competitors, who prefer the safer approach probably focus on advertising their worry-free financial planning.

See where this is heading?

So start by thinking about what you want to be known for – and make sure it is well aligned with your preferred or ideal clients! That’s the way to attract them to you.

Coming up next –

More on how to become the go-to person or THE expert for your area of specialty.

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